Customer experience (CX) starts with usability

CX Jedi: Your customer's experience must transcend what they simply can do. You need to make it an essential part of who they want to be.

Making things easy for your customers is a laudable goal, young Jedi. The more usable your product is the better. However, usability is just the beginning of the journey.  A copier can be extremely usable and can be very simple to operate. A good copier gets the job done, but few would claim that using one is a particularly great experience. Aiming to create a usable product is like aspiring to cook an edible meal. An absolute necessity, but very low bar.

Usability is the perfect place to begin your training. Usability research and practices capture the measurable limits of human capabilities and help you identify exactly what customers want to do and how they want to do it. The goal is to to create harmony with the force. Work within your customer’s limits and make their tasks as intuitive and effortless as possible. You cannot have a great customer experience with poor usability.

Your customer’s experience is not just about what the user can do with your product or service. Great customer experience is what they want to do.  Great customer experience reflects back to them how they feel about themselves in the world. CX is the emotional landscape of your customer’s interactions. You must dive deep into the expectations and motivations which keep people engaged and excited.

A copier is simply a tool. A light saber is also a relatively simple tool but in the right hands becomes a natural extension of its owners capabilities. It becomes a joy to use and part of their very identity. This is the essence of good CX. It isn’t easy to create, but it is incredibly rewarding.

To create this level of experience you must engage your customers and show them deep empathy. Learn as much as you can about them. Make sure that the things they expect to be easy are delightfully easy.  Make the things that they expect to be hard, easier than they expect. Make the things that may require extra effort as respectful of their capabilities as possible. Create many indications of progress and rewards along their journey that resonate with their self image. In this way you will find yourselves in alignment with your customers and the force.


May the Force be with you,

Shoji-Wan Kenobi

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