Jedi Mind Tricks – belief bias

Young Jedi, as a human, you can easily fall prey to biases, which will cause you to make poor choices for your customers. Often in meetings, teams will rally around a solution that they like. Then they will accept logically flawed arguments for why that design idea is a good one simply because it supports the conclusion they want to believe. Anakin accepted Queen Amidala’s argument for joining him to help Obi-Wan Kenobi on Geonosis because he wanted her to come. Her arguments were self-serving and flew in the face of what Anakin knew he should do. But he allowed himself to be convinced. You must guard against the belief bias. Make sure that arguments for and against design decisions are valid and can stand on their own, regardless of the their conclusions.

Read more about the belief bias here:


May the Force be with you,

Shoji-Wan Kenobi

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