Customer Experience (CX) – the Jedi way

You must let go of your own needs, young jedi and train all of your senses on your customers goals.

CX is in some ways exactly what you would think it is, young jedi. It is a customer’s experience. However, truly understanding a customer’s experience is much deeper than you may have been led to believe.

CX is being obsessively focused on understanding and taking care of customers. Often our minds are clouded by our own goals and desires. We see the customer as a means to our own ends. This is the lure of the dark side.

We must recognize our biases and how they warp our vision. Of course you will have goals young Jedi, but you must have the flexibility of mind to be willing to let go. You will only truly achieve what you want by putting your customers needs and tasks first.

To understand your customer you must dedicate yourself into getting to know them. You must train yourself to respectfully observe how they go about what they do (quantitative data) and why they do it (qualitative data). Patient and careful study will allow you to move beyond foolish assumptions and unlock the heart of the customer experience.

When you conquer your initial impulses and open your eyes to the true nature of what your customers need, then the true power of the Force will be yours.


May the Force be with you,

Shoji-Wan Kenobi

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