Stormtrooper Diary – 7 clicks

Frustrated Stormtrooper: "Dear Diary, I went to the Empire website to request new armor. It took seven clicks to find what I needed, when I clicked the "order now" button it asked me to sign in. After signing in I was kicked back to the home page and had to start over. Who designs this?" CX Jedi: Time is valuable to your customers. Make sure your designs don't waste it.

Padawan, one of our customers most precious resources is time. Research shows customers do not mind a few extra clicks, if they are on the path to get to what they are after. However, if they sense that your design has made this more difficult than it should have been, they will be upset and your brand will suffer. Make every effort to remember where customers are and do not cause them to lose focus or context. Remember that actual time is not as important as the customer’s experience of time. Customers are not droids. User test your designs with customers to be sure that they work for them, not just for the designers and developers.


May the Force be with you,

Shoji-Wan Kenobi

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